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Sony PMW EX1 Camera Kit                                                     1x 32 GB + 1 x 16GB SxS Cards                                                 2x BP-U60 (approx. 4.5 hrs) 1x BP-U30 (approx. 2.5 hrs) Lithium-ion Batteries                                                                           Battery charger / Power supply                                             Sachtler Fluid  Head  Tripod                                                          $250 + GST

Cinekinetics Micro-Jib Arm                                  $150 + GST  

Audio kit includes Shure Audio Mixer, Sennheiser Shotgun Mic, Lightweight Extendable Boom Pole, Lapel Mics, Headphones                                                          $150 + GST

Segway X2 with turf tyres, knee steer adaptor for handsfree travelling, remote key operation, lithium ion batteries                                                                $500 + GST

          KinoFlo Diva lite 400 lights, dimmable, daylight and tungsten lamps, 4x tubes @ 55 Watt ea. includes stand and cable     $75 + GST

 Dedo, Fresnels, Blondes & Red Heads, reflectors, trace frames, greenscreens available upon request